Recipe: Yummy Jollop rice and beans with fried plantain

Jollop rice and beans with fried plantain. Jollof rice is found throughout West Africa and is thought to be the origin of the Cajun dish, jambalaya. Serve with fried plantains and a crisp green salad. For the rice, heat the oil in a large pan and cook the onions over a gentle heat until translucent.

Jollop rice and beans with fried plantain Jollof, a traditional Nigerian main dish, brings out the best flavors of rice and chicken and pairs especially well with fried plantains. Chicken is first sauteed on the stove top to produce a wonderful aromatic base for the rice. For an extra special and authentic touch, serve jollof rice with fried. You can cook Jollop rice and beans with fried plantain using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Jollop rice and beans with fried plantain

  1. Prepare of Rice.
  2. Prepare of beans.
  3. You need of Pepper,.
  4. You need of spices,.
  5. Prepare of palm oil.
  6. You need of onions.
  7. You need of Plantain,.
  8. Prepare of cocomber.
  9. Prepare of tomatoes.

The first food I ever cooked was boiled long grain rice. We snack on akara (bean fritters), plantain crisps, gizdodo (a chicken gizzard and fried plantain mix), suya (grilled skewers) and chin chin (addictive baked or fried pastry dough pieces). Nigerian Jollof Rice – a spicy and vibrant one-pot tomato rice, which will become a family favorite, this is probably the best-known Nigerian food recipe. It could also be served with fried plantains, with a dish called moi-moi, which is actually a Nigerian steamed bean pudding, with coleslaw or steamed.

Jollop rice and beans with fried plantain instructions

  1. Da farko zaki parboiling waken ki da shinkafar ki sai ki zuba palm oil dinki a tukunya ki zuba pepper and onion in ya soyu ki zuba all your seassing then ki zuba rice and beans dinki da ruwa kadan ya karasa dahuwa.
  2. Peel your plantain and cut the shap you want it to be you add a little bit of salt then you fry it.
  3. Cut your fresh cocomber, tomatoes and onions.
  4. Then serve to eat..

African Rice and Beans — spicy flavorful rice and beans combo flavored with onions, thyme, smoked paprika and garlic. Jollof Rice And Beans With Carrots – wives connection recipes. Ingredients: Jollof rice: parboiled rice, tomatoes and tomato paste, pepper, vegetable oil, onions, and stock cubes. Beans Pottage: beans, onions, stock cubes, palm oil, ground red tomatoes or ground scotch bonnet pepper and salt to taste. Jollof rice is a spicy, traditional dish of West African origin.

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