Easiest Way to Make Tasty Beans porridge, fried plantain and fish

Beans porridge, fried plantain and fish. Beans porridge, fried fish with fried plantain. #foodnut #nigerisnfood image by Nanya. Find more awesome foodnut images on PicsArt. Beans Porridge is a delicacy in Nigeria, it is one of those Nigerian foods that are loved by every Nigerian.

Beans porridge, fried plantain and fish Check to see that beans has started to soften before adding the chopped plantain, washed smoked fish, salt and seasoning to taste, stir very well, cover and allow to. Beans Porridge is not a very popular recipe due to the bloating associated with beans. Note:To get the most out of beans, it is best to cook it with one of the following: sweet yam, ripe/unripe plantain, sweet If you cooked the beans porridge without any of the additions, serve with Fried Plantain. You can have Beans porridge, fried plantain and fish using 11 ingredients and 6 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Beans porridge, fried plantain and fish

  1. You need of Beans.
  2. You need of Pepper.
  3. Prepare of Plantain.
  4. Prepare of Iced fish.
  5. Prepare of Salt.
  6. You need of Maggi.
  7. It’s of Palm oil.
  8. You need of Crayfish.
  9. You need of Onions,.
  10. Prepare of Ginger.
  11. Prepare of Garlic.

This is how to prepare beans and plantain porridge in a different way. This recipe is simpler and includes fewer ingredients. This porridge made out of beans and plantain is a perfect satiating vegetarian or even vegan meal but if you have nothing against meat or fish, it's strongly. Beans porridge is a very healthy and simple dish to prepare; this is a very popular staple food in Nigeria, there are so many ways to make beans You can add fish, beef or seafood to your bean and plantain porridge if you have any or simply serve your beans and plantain with fried fish or chicken.

Beans porridge, fried plantain and fish step by step

  1. Wash beans thoroughly and boil till very soft.
  2. Add roughly blended pepper, garlic, ginger and onions, fish.
  3. Allow to cook for few mins, add salt, crayfish maggi.
  4. Add palmoil.
  5. Allow the water to dry and it is done.
  6. Dice your plantain and fry.

Plantain Porridge, Ripe Plantain, Nigeria Food, Indian Food Recipes, Ethnic Recipes, African Recipes, Nigerian Food White rice and stew with grilled fish and fried plantain. Plantains and Beans – A lightened version of plantain and beans quick and easy, with kale – no. Plantain, believed to have originated in southeast Asia refers to the cooking banana, cultivars of the banana plant, which produces an edible fruit that is full of starch and rarely eaten raw. Though similar in appearance, the two banana varieties are typically used in very different ways. Plantain porridge is a Nigerian vegetable stew made with the starchy cousin of common bananas.

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