Recipe: Appetizing Boiled Plantain and Scrambled egg

Boiled Plantain and Scrambled egg. When comparing scrambled eggs and hard-boiled eggs, the USDA Nutrition Database shows higher protein content for hard-boiled eggs. On the whole, both boiled and scrambled eggs. Boiled Green Plantain & Scrambled Eggs with mixed vegetables and frankfurters.

Boiled Plantain and Scrambled egg When boiling your own plantains at home, always start with green or yellow fruit that's firm to the touch and relatively free of spots in order to make sure they don't come out too soft. All of the fat and A scrambled egg will be the same if you use a no-calorie cooking spray. Remove the plantain from the boiling water with a slotted spoon but do not discard water, you may need to use some of it. You can have Boiled Plantain and Scrambled egg using 7 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Boiled Plantain and Scrambled egg

  1. It’s 1 of plantain.
  2. You need 2 of fresh tomatoes.
  3. You need 2 of egg.
  4. You need 1/2 of onions.
  5. It’s 1 tbsp of canola oil.
  6. You need 3 of fresh pepper.
  7. It’s to taste of Salt.

Pour the whisked eggs in the hole and scramble with a spatula for one minute. When the eggs start to scramble but are still creamy, combine them with the rest of the. Scrambling and hard-boiling an egg without even breaking its shell. We found this awesome way presented by "Night Hawk In Light' on YouTube.

Boiled Plantain and Scrambled egg step by step

  1. Wash plantain cut into big chunks with the skin and parboil with little or no salt; once plantain is tender remove from heat drain and set aside.
  2. Wash onions, tomatoes, pepper, dice them and set them aside; break egg in a bowl add egg and whisk; set aside.
  3. Heat up frying pan and once it’s hot add canola oil and then diced onion.
  4. Stir for about a minutes before adding tomatoes and pepper stir continuously for about 4 minutes, then pour in whisked egg.
  5. Scramble and remove from heat immediately and serve with boiled plantain.

Tips to use while scrambling an egg: * To check if an egg is fresh, put it into a dish with unsalted water. If it falls to the bottom, it means that it is fresh. You Haven't Had Good Scrambled Eggs Until You've Boiled Them in a Pot of Water. At least according to this Michelin-starred chef. He beat the eggs, then poured them into a pot of boiling water and swirled the mixture until the eggs expanded into a light, folded scramble.

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