Recipe: Delicious Fried yam,plantain and egg

Fried yam,plantain and egg. Watch how to make Yam Fries with Plantains and Egg Sauce. A tasty and classic combo, great for breakfast, lunch or dinner (and any day of the week too!) My delicious morning breakfast – fried yam and plantain ate with egg sauce and a glass of soy milk. Nice recipe for fried egg and fried plantain lovers, the combination is delicious.

Fried yam,plantain and egg For more Nigerian food and soup recipes subscribe to our channel. Nigerian Fried Plantain With Eggs (Dodo ati Eyin Dindin) Yam Fries with Plantains and Egg Sauce. You can cook Fried yam,plantain and egg using 4 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve it.

Ingredients of Fried yam,plantain and egg

  1. You need of Yam.
  2. It’s of Plantain.
  3. It’s of Eggs.
  4. Prepare of Oil for frying.

A tasty and classic combo, great for breakfast, lunch or dinner (and any day of the week too!) გვერდებიBusinessesმაღაზიაწვეულების მარაგისა და გაქირავების მაღაზიაSympli Natural NigeriaვიდეოებიYam Fries with Plantains and. African Yam (fried puna Yam) – delicious crispy coated fries made from African yam. This is a simple dish, but it results in fantastic eating. This recipe is a twist on the traditional fried yams I grew up with.

Fried yam,plantain and egg instructions

  1. Peel yam,slice it as u u slice irish potato,wash,strain,add salt and deep fry..
  2. Peel your plantain and slice it,add salt and deep fry as well..
  3. Crack your eggs,add spices and seanings,then fry..
  4. Serve with sauce or ketchup and hot tea..

Then, my mom thought us to sprinkle a bit of salt on the already. Try our grilled fish with fried plantains step-by-step recipe. This fish recipe goes well with with dodo and pepper sauce. Throwing some fish on the grill and spritzing it with a squeeze of lemon is an easy way to end a perfect day. Great recipe for Boiled yam and egg sauce.

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