How to Prepare Delicious Fried plantain/ samosa

Fried plantain/ samosa. Fried Plantains – sweet ripe plantains, sliced and fried to perfection. It's somewhat crisp on the outside and soft on the inside. Sooo good that you can eat it as a side dish to rice & beans.

Fried plantain/ samosa Fried Plantains Recipe – Many home cooks will serve their main meal at noon along with a side of Macho bananas (Plantains) are the largest of them all. Fried Plantains (Plátanos Fritos) are very. Fried plantain is a sweet-savory thick slice of ripe plantains lightly salted and deep fried in oil till golden brown; it is one of the easiest and fast. You can have Fried plantain/ samosa using 3 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Fried plantain/ samosa

  1. You need of Plantain.
  2. It’s of Frozen samosa.
  3. It’s of Vegetable oil.

Preparation With a small sharp knife cut ends from each plantain and halve crosswise. Cut a lengthwise slit through skin along inside curve. Fried Plantains: A Versatile Latin American Classic. Plantains are commonly enjoyed in the Caribbean islands and Latin America.

Fried plantain/ samosa step by step

  1. Ki wanke plantain kibare kiyanka yadda kike so.
  2. Ki daura pan a wuta kizuba V/oil yayi xafi ki rage wuta ki soya samosan inyayi ki kwashe ki zuba plantain shima kisoya, a iyaci da ketchup.
  3. A hada da Tea or black Tea.

They're enjoyed at almost any time — as a snack, alongside. Nigerian Samosa is a tasty, party Snack in Nigeria, known as a ''small chop''. Learn how to make samosa at home with our step by step pics and video recipe. Learn how to make simply fried plantains recipe with ripe plantains that become caramelized and almost candied like. Fry plantain slices until golden brown on each side.

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