Recipe: Perfect Stir Fried Pechay (Napa Cabbage)

Stir Fried Pechay (Napa Cabbage). Add in onions and cook till it turns white. Quickly stir fry cabbage and then the pechay. Napa or nappa cabbage (Brassica rapa subsp. pekinensis or Brassica rapa Pekinensis Group) is a type of Chinese cabbage originating near the Beijing region of China, and is widely used in East Asian cuisine.

Stir Fried Pechay (Napa Cabbage) Surprisingly, they transformed this humble recipe and added extra flavor, texture, and color to my stir-fried napa cabbage. This hot and sour napa cabbage stir-fry recipe has just the right amount of spice and tang. Walk into any local produce market in China right now in the beginnings of winter. You can cook Stir Fried Pechay (Napa Cabbage) using 9 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Stir Fried Pechay (Napa Cabbage)

  1. Prepare 1 bunch of pechay (lighter color napa cabbage which is less bitter).
  2. Prepare 1/8 kg of cabbage.
  3. It’s 2 pcs of small size tomatoes or optional cherry tomatoes.
  4. Prepare 1 of small onion chopped.
  5. You need 5 cloves of garlic chopped.
  6. Prepare 1/8 kg of pork small cuts.
  7. Prepare to taste of salt and pepper.
  8. You need 2 tbsp of soy sauce.
  9. You need 3 tbsp of cooking oil.

Stir-fry for one to two minutes until the cabbage begins to wilt, then add the salt and wine/soy sauce mixture. Cover and cook over high heat for one minute until just wilted. Oh my this is good and easy to make. Didn't have the wine so substitued rice vinegar as others suggested.

Stir Fried Pechay (Napa Cabbage) instructions

  1. In a container, season the pork cuts with soy sauce, pepper and a pinch of salt. Marinate for 10 min..
  2. Heat up a wok with 3 tbsp of oil and stir fry pork cuts until half cooked..
  3. Add in onions and cook till it turns white. Then add garlic and tomatoes..
  4. Quickly stir fry cabbage and then the pechay. Add in pepper and salt to taste. Don't over cook vegetables. Serve immediately..

I'm always on the look for new ways to incorporate cabbage, one of the world's healthiest foods, into my cooking. Napa cabbage combines nicely with darker leafy greens, adding a lighter texture and flavor as well as visual interest. This dish comes very close to being Stir the chard in quickly to coat with the oil, then turn the heat up to high. Stir-fry a minutes or so, then add the napa cabbage. Bright green napa cabbage is so eye-catching, yet most of us probably stroll by every time we see a head hanging out in the produce section.

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