Easiest Way to Prepare Tasty ☆Sauce Caramiel☆

☆Sauce Caramiel☆. Homemade Caramel Sauce is EASY to make! How to Make Caramel Sauce: To get started, place a cup of granulated sugar in a saucepan, and give it a little shake so. This caramel sauce recipe calls for a higher ratio of sugar to butter, producing a rich, sweet sauce that is perfect for less-sweet desserts. "This is a rich, sweet caramel sauce that can be made at the last minute that is great on bread pudding, gingerbread, apple pie.

☆Sauce Caramiel☆ Over the years, I've learned a little bit of a trick to making it, but once you learn the trick. Homemade caramel sauce is one of those things that everyone needs to conquer. First of all, YOU JUST NEVER KNOW WHEN YOU'RE GOING TO NEED A HEALTHY DOSE OF CARAMEL SAUCE. You can have ☆Sauce Caramiel☆ using 8 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of ☆Sauce Caramiel☆

  1. Prepare 100 g of crème liquide.
  2. You need 25 g of lait.
  3. It’s 75 g of miel (j’utilise du miel de producteur).
  4. Prepare 30 g of sucre.
  5. You need 1/2 gousse of vanille.
  6. It’s 2 g of fleur de sel.
  7. It’s 35 g of beurre.
  8. Prepare 10 cl of d’eau.

Caramel Sauce is traditionally made of granulated sugar that cooks at a certain temperature until it caramelizes. It is combined with heavy cream, butter and vanilla extract. Caramel sauces made with granulated sugar are not fool proof as the sugar can. Real caramel sauce is a three-ingredient affair—nothing more than sugar, water, and cream.

☆Sauce Caramiel☆ instructions

  1. Faire chauffer le lait, la crème, la fleur de sel et la vanille, au première bulles, retirer du feu et laisser infusé un quart d’heure.
  2. Remettre à chauffer sur feu très doux pour ne pas faire bouillir. Dans une autre casserole, faire chauffer l’eau, le sucre et le miel jusqu’à 140°C. Jusqu'à obtention d'une une belle couleur ambrée.
  3. Verser le mélange lait/crème/sel/vanille dans le caramel, ça va faire de grosse bulles, attention aux éclaboussures.
  4. Laisser remonter la température à 105°C en remuant.
  5. Passer au chinois et laisser descendre la température à 70°C.
  6. Ajouter le beurre, mixer et réserver au frigo au mois 3h.
  7. Déguster sur des crêpes ! 🤤😋.

Okay, okay, salt and vanilla, too, but it hardly seems fair to count the seasonings. For a sweet and simple flavor, cook the sugar syrup until it's a pale, honey-colored hue. A jar of caramel sauce in your fridge is the gift that just keeps on giving. Drizzle it over ice cream or a slice of pie (or both), add a spoonful to your morning oatmeal, use it as a dip for slices of apple, stir it into cocoa — need I go on? Caramel sauce is also a good first.

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