Recipe: Yummy Butter Croissants

Butter Croissants. In a large bowl, dissolve yeast in warm water. Roll out other half on a lightly floured surface, dusting with flour as necessary and stretching. This recipe makes the best croissants.

Butter Croissants If it were simply a matter of taste I would say use whatever you want, but in this case you have to use real butter because of its baking properties. I prefer to use salted butter but you may use unsalted if you wish. The preparation time is just a guess because you never know how. You can have Butter Croissants using 9 ingredients and 7 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Butter Croissants

  1. It’s 3 Cup of all purpose flour.
  2. You need 1 & 1/2 tsp of instant yeast.
  3. Prepare 1/4 cup of melted butter.
  4. Prepare 1 cup of warm milk.
  5. You need 1 & 1/2 tsp of vanilla sugar.
  6. You need 1/4 tsp of salt.
  7. It’s 150 gms of butter.
  8. You need 1 of egg for brushing.
  9. You need 1 tsp of onion seeds.

Line baking sheet with waxed paper. Place another piece of waxed paper over butter mixture. I have some great news to share today! If you haven't heard of Skillshare, here's a quote that sums it up pretty nicely: And, croissants contain yeast, where puff pastry does not.

Butter Croissants step by step

  1. Mix sugar, yeast and the warm milk. Set aside to bloom for 15 minutes..
  2. Once the yeast blooms add in the flour, salt, vanilla sugar and butter. Mix with the help of a wooden spoon. Turn over the dough on the counter and knead to get a soft dough. Put it back in the vessel you mixed the dough earlier, cover and let it proof for 60 to 90 minutes..
  3. Once the dough doubles in size remove it on the counter, knead for 5 to 6 minutes and then divide the dough into 8 equal sizes sections.
  4. Shape the dough into 8 balls. Roll out each ball like a chapati. Try to get them all equal in size. Brush butter on one rolled sheet, place another sheet over it and again apply butter. Continue till you get a stack of 8 sheets..
  5. With the help of a rolling pin, carefully roll out the stacked sheets to remove any air bubbles. Roll out from all sides to get a proper circle. Now the stack should be a little thinner, but larger in diameter. Cut into 10- 12 triangles..
  6. Fold each triangle from the base to the tip as shown in the picture. Place the croissants carefully on a tray lined with parchment paper. Cover and rest for 60 minutes. Now brush the croissants with beaten agg and sprinkle some onion seeds..
  7. Bake in a preheated oven at 180°C for 20 minutes or until puffed up and golden in colour. Enjoy!.

Croissants are also made with milk; puff pastry just has water. ARE CROISSANTS MADE WITH DANISH DOUGH? Croissants are definitely more similar to Danish than they are to puff pastry. There is only one difference, and that is the addition of egg. I remember heating one in the microwave andit turned into a glob of oil and dough.

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