Recipe: Yummy Chocolate Croissant

Chocolate Croissant. Extra flaky and buttery homemade chocolate croissants (Pain au Chocolat) are incredible warm from the oven. Homemade Chocolate Croissants (Pain Au Chocolate). Brush the croissants with the beaten egg.

Chocolate Croissant Croissant recipe l christmas recipe l eggless & without oven. Master pastry chef Jean-Yves Charon prepares our chocolate croissants in the traditional French style, using butter and ultrathin layers of yeast dough and laboriously folding and cutting the pastry by. Home » Baking » FRENCH CROISSANT RECIPE You can have Chocolate Croissant using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Chocolate Croissant

  1. It’s as required of Puff pastry sheet.
  2. It’s as required of Choco chips.
  3. Prepare 1 of egg.

Our chocolate croissants are hand made in the traditional French style, using the award-winning puff pastry of master pastry chef Jean-Yves Charon and a filling of the finest Belgian Callebaut chocolate. This is a guide for shaping chocolate croissants, and of course, I had to bring cinnamon into this whole thing somewhere so I've also got a guide on shaping Cinnamon-Raisin Danish Swirls here. Chocolate Croissants are the perfect sweet treat for breakfast. This Chocolate Croissant Recipe is so simple!

Chocolate Croissant instructions

  1. Spread the puff sheet and dust with flour..
  2. Cut them into triangle shape..
  3. Place the choco chips on the wide edge of the triangle..
  4. Roll the puff sheet and give an egg wash using brush..
  5. Pre heat the oven for 350’f and place the puff in the tray and heat it for 15 minutes..

I know we aren't cooking pastries from scratch here, but. If you prepared your chocolate croissants in advance, I recommend taking them out of the freezer at night, then transfer them on a baking sheet and leave them to rise at room temperature overnight. Enjoy warm Chocolate Croissants fresh out of the oven. Making these flaky and buttery pastries will greatly reward you with a feeling of accomplishment and a whole tray of irresistible chocolate. A good chocolate croissant (for the purpose of this post, I will call them that) should strike the perfect balance between flaky and buttery.

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