Recipe: Perfect Ripe plantain chips

Ripe plantain chips. Plantains range in color from green to yellow to black. Green would be unripe, yellow is moderately ripe and black is ripe. When it comes to plantain chips, you want a plantain that's in the light green.

Ripe plantain chips It is too good to resist. Once you start eating it, you will be keeping on eating it. Ripe plantain chips or Pazham vathal. You can cook Ripe plantain chips using 4 ingredients and 2 steps. Here is how you cook it.

Ingredients of Ripe plantain chips

  1. You need of Vegetable oil.
  2. Prepare of Salt.
  3. You need of Onion.
  4. You need of Ripe plantain.

One of my all time favourite snack. Line a big cookie sheet with aluminum foil or parchment paper. Plantain Chips are crunchy Nigerian snacks made with either ripe or unripe plantains. When making it with ripe plantains, ensure that the plantains are just beginning to ripe and are still hard.

Ripe plantain chips instructions

  1. Slice the ripe plantain sprinkle salt on it.heat up vegetable oil slice onion into two halves drop in the vegetable oil..
  2. Then add the sliced plantain to fry it untill is golden brown..

Ripe Plantain Chips Recipe – Nendran Pazham Vathal Recipe. Plantain chips are my new obsession. Tasty, easy to make, and healthy, these chips make a perfect snack Plantains can be consumed both green (must be cooked) and fully ripe (can be eaten raw). These plantain chips are so crispy, plantain-y and so addictive! You could use slightly ripe plantains to make plantain chips but please make sure the.

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