Easiest Way to Cook Appetizing Plantain rings

Plantain rings. Plantain definition: A plantain is a type of green banana which can be cooked and eaten as a vegetable. Plantain is a widespread weed found in virtually every lawn in America. It's low profile and non-aggressive habit often leave it protected from the homeowner.

Plantain rings Our this vegetable cutting machine is also called the conveyor belt. Plantain, major group of banana varieties that are a staple food crop in many tropical areas. The edible fruit of plantain bananas has more starch than the common dessert banana and is not eaten raw. You can have Plantain rings using 3 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Plantain rings

  1. Prepare of Plantain.
  2. Prepare of Fried grounded beef.
  3. It’s of Egg.

PLANTAINS, can we ever tire of them? Truly a mainstay amongst our Caribbean fruits, it is enjoyed in many different ways especially in the Spanish Caribbean style. lanceolata plant plantago plantain ribwort narrowleaf plantagolanceolata lambstongue ribleaf. The plantain looks like a banana, but it's treated differently in food. Learn how to cook the tropical fruit and why it's used more like a potato in recipes.

Plantain rings instructions

  1. Cut ur plantain very long and fry.
  2. Allow to cool and clip the edges with toothpick.
  3. Fill in with beef or any fillings of your choice..
  4. Roll in egg and shallow fry.

The banana is a crop from the genus Musa. Its fruits are edible, and are generally used for cooking. This is different from the soft and sweet banana (which is often called dessert banana). Dessert bananas are more common to import in countries in the European Union or the United States. Important differences between the plantain tree and the banana, as well as eating suggestions, cultivation information and how the plant produces fruit.

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