Recipe: Delicious 2 Ingredient Cookies

2 Ingredient Cookies. Healthy banana bread breakfast cookies that are made with just banana and oats. To create the cookies, all you need are a few overripe bananas and some old-fashioned oats. If you're okay with just a few more ingredients, try tossing in some chocolate chips, raisins, a spoonful.

2 Ingredient Cookies These cookies have something magical as I just. I saw some two ingredient cookies on Instagram, then on Tumblr. The most amazing deliciousnesses of all times! You can cook 2 Ingredient Cookies using 3 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of 2 Ingredient Cookies

  1. Prepare 2 large of bananas.
  2. Prepare 250 grams of coconut.
  3. It’s 4 tbsp of cane sugar.

What can I say, I love a theme! Time and money saving cookies for your family. If you have soda pop and this cake mix you can make. Things might get pretty simple sometimes but sometimes that's just what a person needs.

2 Ingredient Cookies step by step

  1. Peel and cut the bananas in large chunks. Mix them into a paste using a mixer, blender, whisk, fork or whatever you have at hand..
  2. This step is optional. You can add 3-4 tablespoons of sugar or honey or the eqivalent of the sweetener of your choice, or skip this step all together..
  3. Add the coconut and mix it with a wooden spoon (or any tool). At this point you should have a non-sticky, maleable composition..
  4. Cover your tray with a cooking paper. Make up the cookies from the paste and set them in the tray..
  5. Cook the cookies in a preheated oven to 180°F celsius for about 20 minutes..

Cookie's for breakfast, cookies for lunch, cookies, cookies coooookies!! It was actually a recipe for a two ingredient cookie, but walnuts and bananas really do it for me, think banana bread. in a cookie. Use your favorite cookie dough recipe or packaged dough to make an easy treat everyone loves. So these coconut cookie dough balls are pretty much a dream come true. These cookies are so easy to make, and are super healthy!

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