Easiest Way to Make Tasty Brinjal with Salted Fish 咸鱼茄子

Brinjal with Salted Fish 咸鱼茄子. Another eggplant 🍆 Chinese style recipe using salted fish and minced meat. Served deliciously well with hot rice or porridge. Also, don't underestimate the salted fish, as it adds another layer of aroma to the dish.

Brinjal with Salted Fish 咸鱼茄子 Brinjal, if done well, should not be oily, but instead creamy and chock. Bean Sprout with Salted Fish 咸鱼银芽. Vege Salted Fish Fried Rice 素咸鱼炒饭. You can cook Brinjal with Salted Fish 咸鱼茄子 using 6 ingredients and 3 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Brinjal with Salted Fish 咸鱼茄子

  1. It’s 2 of Brinjal.
  2. You need 2 clove of Garlic.
  3. You need 5 g of Salted Fish.
  4. You need of Soy Sauce.
  5. Prepare Pinch of Sugar.
  6. You need of Cooking Wine.

Salted fish, 咸鱼, pronounced xián yúi in Mandarin and "hom yee" in Cantonese, is a common ingredient in Southern China People serve congee with salted fish steamed with ginger, scallion and some wine or pan fried until crisp and aromatic. It's definitely an acquired taste, but it seems to me.. salt fish 咸鱼; 盐腌鱼; 鹾鱼 canned steamed cuttle fish 清蒸墨鱼罐头 polish style steamed fish 波兰式蒸鱼 . Season both sides of the fish fillets with salt and pepper and lay them side by side in the steamer, skin side up. The Best Dried Salted Fish Recipes on Yummly

Brinjal with Salted Fish 咸鱼茄子 instructions

  1. Brinjal cut into size and deep fried for 1~2 minutes.
  2. Hot wok with 1tbsp Vegetable oil, Stir-fried garlic then follow by Brinjal..
  3. Add on salted fish, soy sauce and sugar to taste, lastly apply cooking wine then ready to be served..

Squash Stuffed With Cod Stew, Cod And Red Pepper Tapas, Claypot Chicken Rice, Without Claypot. Steamed Pork Cake with Salted Fish (咸鱼蒸肉饼)The Woks of Life. One of the representatives of Sichuan cuisine is Sichuan eggplant, or Yu Xiang Qie Zi(鱼香茄子in Chinese). "鱼香" actually means Fish-Fragrant, is a kind of flavor which is quite famous in Sichuan dishes. Soak the salted fish bone in water. This is to dilute the salt, so leave it in the water longer if you want the dish to be less salty.

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