How to Cook Delicious Breakfast idea

Breakfast idea. Sometimes a bowl of cereal just won't cut it. When you need some breakfast inspiration, try one of these easy breakfast recipes. What Are These Easy Breakfast Ideas?

Breakfast idea My biggest recommendation for picky toddlers is to have a handful of regular breakfasts that they see often to keep a variety of foods in rotation. Next up in our easy breakfast ideas: homemade Instant Oatmeal! You actually make your own instant oatmeal mix with oats, nuts, dried fruit and spices, and put it in a big jar. You can have Breakfast idea using 12 ingredients and 13 steps. Here is how you cook that.

Ingredients of Breakfast idea

  1. You need of Yam.
  2. Prepare of Eggs.
  3. You need of Plantain.
  4. Prepare of Scotch bonnet.
  5. Prepare of Redbell pepper.
  6. Prepare of Onion.
  7. Prepare of Curry masala.
  8. You need of Thyme.
  9. Prepare cubes of Maggi.
  10. Prepare pinch of Salt.
  11. It’s of Veg. Oil.
  12. Prepare of Water.

As we all know, breakfast is the most important meal of the day – so why not make it delicious! Whip up one of our easy breakfast recipes that will leave you ready to tackle your busy day. Delicious breakfast ideas you need to try Hey guys, in this video I wanted to share with you some amazing ideas that will make your mornings even more. Another fast and easy breakfast I've been making a lot lately is Healthy Breakfast Idea.

Breakfast idea step by step

  1. Peel, wash n cut into strips, peel Plantain n cut too.
  2. Break eggs, add Maggi cube,pinch of curry matsala nd whisk slightly then keep aside.
  3. In a pot pour some water add yam n pinch of salt nd cook until slightly soft.
  4. Pour d yam into the colander nd pour some cold water to it.
  5. Pick yam with a tablespoon n dip it into d whisked egg n deep fry it in a heated Veg. Oil until u are done frying.
  6. Deep fry Plantain until golden brown.
  7. Break eggs add Maggi cube, onion nd pinch of curry masala, whisk nd shallow fry it.
  8. For the sauce:.
  9. Sprinkle some Veg. Oil in a pot, add onion n fry pour d kayanmiya (cutted or Chopped redbell pepper, Scotch bonnet n onion).
  10. Add all d ingredients n stir fry it until cooked..
  11. Remember to reduce ur heat to low temperature if not ur sauce may burnt..
  12. Ur breakfast is ready!!!.
  13. Cooking is ma hubby, I love it..

I'm not one for big or complicated breakfasts, and rarely have much of an appetite. Oatmeal is a great breakfast idea for any parent and this particular recipe is perfect for busy parents Here's a simple, adorable breakfast idea: ham, egg and cheese cups! They bake in a muffin tin, and. Check out some of our favorite easy breakfast food ideas, including recipes with bacon, egg, cheese, cinnamon rolls, waffles, muffins, oatmeal and more that are quick to prepare. See more ideas about Recipes, Food, Food and drink.

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