Recipe: Appetizing Beans and dodo

Beans and dodo. Beans is the happiest, bounciest, JUMPIEST little lamb you've ever seen! Click below the fold for the lyrics so you. Dodo and beans is a Nigerian delicacy eaten by Nigerians from the south right to the North.

Beans and dodo You can help Beanpedia, The Mighty Beanz Wiki by expanding it. The Dodo is a passive mob added by Primitive Mobs. It spawns in daylight on Mycelium. You can cook Beans and dodo using 6 ingredients and 5 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Beans and dodo

  1. It’s of Beans.
  2. Prepare of Tomatoes.
  3. You need of Tatashe.
  4. Prepare of Onions.
  5. You need of Crayfish.
  6. Prepare of Ripe plantain.

It acts very similarly to a Chicken, but it lays Dodo Eggs instead of Eggs, and will occasionally turn Grass it is standing on into Mycelium. Beans and dodo is a staple as it is a meal on its own. Dodo is the Yoruba language for fried plantain and this food combination is a one made in heaven. Different people like their plantain fried to different.

Beans and dodo instructions

  1. Pick and boil beans.
  2. Cut tomatoes, tatashe, onions and add to beans when almost done.
  3. Add crayfish.
  4. Spice and leave to dry.
  5. Fry ripe plantain.

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