Easiest Way to Prepare Delicious Vegetables chicken soup,white rice and fried plantain

Vegetables chicken soup,white rice and fried plantain. Chicken is first sauteed on the stove top to produce a wonderful aromatic base for the rice. Add plantains and fry on both sides until golden and crispy, about. This easy Chicken Rice Soup is a healthy soup recipe that's perfect for chilly days!

Vegetables chicken soup,white rice and fried plantain This chicken and rice soup is a family favorite; it's healthy, easy to make and kid friendly. It's great for a chilly day or for when you're feeling under the weather. The ingredients for this slow cooker chicken and rice soup are quite simple. You can have Vegetables chicken soup,white rice and fried plantain using 14 ingredients and 4 steps. Here is how you achieve that.

Ingredients of Vegetables chicken soup,white rice and fried plantain

  1. Prepare of Chicken breast.
  2. It’s of Diced Carrots.
  3. You need of Diced onion.
  4. Prepare of Green beans.
  5. It’s of Green peas.
  6. It’s 1 of tomato.
  7. Prepare of Potatoes.
  8. It’s 3 of scotch bonnets.
  9. It’s of Spices.
  10. You need of Onga.
  11. Prepare cube of Maggi.
  12. It’s of Oil.
  13. It’s of Plantain.
  14. You need of White cooked rice.

We've got veggies, chicken breasts, chicken broth, garlic. For the rice and peas, heat the butter in a saucepan and gently fry the spring onions and garlic. Brush a baking sheet with half the vegetable oil. Chicken Fried Rice: You can either sauté some chicken in a separate sauté pan while making your fried rice.

Vegetables chicken soup,white rice and fried plantain instructions

  1. Zaki wanke nama ki saka a pot ki yanka albasa ki saka kayan kamshi da maggi ki tafasa da ruwa..
  2. Ki zuba potatoes in ya tafasa ki zuba,ki yanka tomato da Scotch bonnet ki zuba in ya dankalin yakusa yi ki saka oil,da veggies ki juya ki kara albasa seasoning da spices if needed ki rufe ya dahu..
  3. Ki yanka plantain ki soya in a medium heat..
  4. Serve.

Vegetable Fried Rice: Any stir-fry friendly veggies would be great in fried rice! Fried Brown Rice: For a healthier twist, feel free to use cooked brown rice in this recipe instead of white rice. Spoon rice into large serving bowl or individual soup bowls, top with plantains and vegetables, and garnish with red onion, cilantro, and scallions. Ripe plantains have a starchy consistency like potatoes, but with more fiber. So garlic tostones are basically fried plantains that have been These simple garlic tostones are Puerto Rican fried plantains with a little sea salt are the perfect golden crispy addition to a plate of rice and And I cook with coconut oil which is so much healthier than vegetable oil so frying is guilt free.

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